What Is The Real Cost Of Dental Cleaning Without Insurance?

cost of dental cleaning without insurance

The mere thought of going to the dentist for a regular checkup is already burdensome to others. Why? Because it is a fact that all dental treatments, including basic consultations and preventative procedures, are expensive. And because most people treat their dental health separate from their medical needs, they tend to neglect these partly because of their high cost. On the other hand, those who give importance to their smile add dental coverage to their insurance policy. But do you know how much the cost of dental cleaning without insurance is? Let us discuss what dental practitioners like Sandstone Point’s dentists would say about accept payments through dental insurance, credit card, or cash for their dental services.

Dental Cleaning Costs

dental cleaning procedures

Before getting any dental treatment, some people would want to know how much it would cost them to get one. It may sound petty to some people who have dental insurance coverage of basic procedures and treatments, but it is a sad reality that some people would neglect getting their teeth checked if the price is not right. For instance, those who can afford undergoing regular dental cleaning and other preventative dental treatment may not even make a big deal out of their costs. But those who do not have dental insurance and would have to pay for all their treatment in cash would think twice if the dental cleaning cost is worth it. But how much would this procedure really be?

Factors That Affect Dental Cleaning Cost

Just like any other dental treatment or procedure, dental cleaning cost is affected by several elements.

Who Will Perform The Procedure?

Dental cleaning procedures are performed either by a dentist or a dental hygienist. Their services cost differently; expect that dentists would charge you a higher cleaning cost than a hygienist.

Where Is The Location Of Your Dentist’s Office?

Your geographic location also has a big impact on the computation of your dental procedures. Some places have lower costs of living and overhead expenses, so they can afford to charge their patients less.

How Bad Is Your Teeth’s Condition?

The extent of damage and work that your teeth need would dictate the cost of your dental cleaning without insurance. Of course, those who undergo regular prophylaxis would have a lower cleaning cost, while those who took years before reporting for a dental cleaning procedure would technically need a more elaborate dental cleaning procedure to address their issues. The dentist can either give you basic cleaning services that cost less, or deep scaling and root planing so advanced tartar and plaque buildup are effectively eliminated.

It is difficult for any dental practice and establishment to provide a specific number when it comes to estimating their procedure and treatment cost. However, because we aim to help our readers, we can give you a rough approximation of the cost of dental cleaning without insurance. You can expect that you will shell out between $80 to $500 for your teeth to be cleaned. Sounds vague? Well, based on the different factors that affect the cost, the cost of your dental cleaning may range from affordable to expensive.

The Benefits Of Having Dental Insurance

dental cleaning cost

The common dental insurance policy usually covers 100% of the dental cleaning cost once or twice a year as needed for preventive care. If your dental needs are determined to be comprehensive, with the need to, for example, have restorative procedures like dental implants, root canal treatments, or oral surgery, having a dental insurance policy is a good idea. Your expenses may be made affordable and convenient. 

No Dental Insurance… No Problem?

If you need a dental cleaning and other preventative procedures and treatments but do not have insurance, do not worry too much. There are ways for you to have quality dental; care without the hassle.

Check If You Have Medicaid Or Medicare Benefits

If you do not have dental insurance and you just need to undergo dental cleaning or oral prophylaxis, see if you are covered by Medicaid or Medicare. These government-subsidized agencies offer coverage for basic dental services, so your dental cleaning cost can be made for free!

Use CareCredit

If you are unfamiliar with CareCredit, it is somehow a credit payment specifically targeting health-related expenses. Avail of the program that lets you finance your health and dental services on a monthly payment plan. It is like using a credit card to pay for your dental and health needs!

Inquire About Your Dentist’s Payment Schemes

regular dental cleaning schedule

Most dentists offer different financing plans for their patients so they can help them afford their services. For example, if your dentist, upon assessment, recommends you to have a dental cleaning on top of other dental treatments or procedures to preserve the state of your dental cavity, he can offer different payment schemes to make your dental procedure convenient and hassle-free. Talk to your dentist and see if he can make adjustments on your dental cleaning cost so you can easily afford to care for your teeth.

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