What Is The Importance Of Using A Denture Toothpaste?

denture toothpaste

What is the difference between denture toothpaste and regular toothpaste? Is there really a distinction between the two? This article will talk about toothpaste for dentures and how this denture cleanser helps maintain the oral care habits for people who have dentures. After reading the article, you can read more about these prosthetists make dentures in Sunshine Coast.  

The Importance Of Cleaning Dentures 

Dentures, just like natural teeth, need to be cleaned in order for them to stay in working order. To avoid damage to dentures, and to make sure that they are given the necessary care that they need to stay intact. A person’s dentures will be sure to last longer if they are properly cleaned frequently.  

If dentures are not cleaned frequently, there will be a higher chance of them developing cracks and sustaining damage when they are used. As with anything, cleaning will prevent any damage from occurring because of bacterial formations and other issues that may be caused because of the build-up of dirt and other types of microbes.  

Keep in mind that plaque and tartar can also build on dentures that do not get cleaned regularly. If plaque and tartar are not properly cleaned off of dentures, it will become easier for bacteria to form on dentures, making them more susceptible to break and get destroyed. Although it is not possible for infections to form on the dentures themselves, not cleaning the dentures properly may put the rest of your mouth at risk for infection.  

If the dentures are not properly cleaned using denture toothpaste or denture cleanser, there will be a big possibility that any bacteria that is left on the dentures will transfer onto the other parts of the mouth once the dentures will be placed. If the person still has other teeth, if they have cracks or damage on them, the bacteria will be able to enter through the cracks and cavities and cause harm to the inner workings of the tooth. This is why keeping dentures clean is of utmost importance. 

Why Denture Cleanser Should Be Used 

While dentures are meant to take the place of natural teeth, they are made of a different substance. Most dentures are made of porcelain, resin or other materials designed to mimic the look of real teeth. However, since they are not made of the same material as real teeth, they can be damaged if the wrong cleaning substance is used to clean them. 

Using a denture cleanser is important because these cleaning agents will not destroy the dentures. If regular toothpaste is used to clean the dentures, there is a chance that some ingredients that may be too strong for dentures. If regular toothpaste is used too often on dentures, there is a likelihood that the dentures will be damaged in the long run.  

denture toothpaste

Denture toothpaste is specifically made for cleaning dentures. The ingredients used in denture toothpaste will remove all the particles leftover from a previous meal and any bacteria on the dentures. This special type of toothpaste will not cause any damage to the dentures and make sure that they stay in good shape for longer.

Is It Okay To Just Use Water? 

Many people wonder if it is advisable to use water for them to use water when they clean their dentures. Although using a denture cleaner is advised when it comes to getting rid of unseen germs and microbes on dentures, if denture cleaner is unavailable, it will work well for the dentures to be soaked in a salt-water solution.  

Add a tablespoon of salt into a cup of warm water and mix the solution until the salt is completely incorporated into the water. The solution that will be produced will work in the same way as a denture cleaner. After soaking the dentures in this salt-water cleaning agent, the dentures should be rinsed well after the soak to ensure that no salt will be left on the denture. If it is not rinsed well, there is a chance that the dentures will be damaged. 

Keep in mind that water should only be used in the absence of denture toothpaste or cleanser. It is still most advisable to use denture toothpaste to clean your dentures. Water may not put the dentures at risk of getting destroyed, but then again, water may not be enough to completely clean the dentures and rid them of the bacteria and microbes that are unseen by the naked eye. 

How To Use Denture Cleansers 

Denture cleansers and toothpaste should be used with a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean the dentures. There are special toothbrushes that are specifically made for cleaning dentures. These toothbrushes will work best when cleaning dentures. They are designed to clean dentures without the risk of damaging them.  

Put a small amount of the denture toothpaste on the surface of the denture. Then use the denture toothbrush to clean the dentures to make sure that all the sediments, left-over food particles and other microbes are scrubbed away. After the denture cleaner is used, it is equally important to rinse the denture and make sure all the cleaning agent and particles will be rinsed off.  

denture toothpaste

After this, have a glass of clean water prepared and place the dentures in it for the night. It is advised for people to place their dentures into water and allow their gums to rest after a day of being subject to pressure inside the dentures. For people who suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding, they will benefit from cleaning their dentures nightly and removing them. 

Final Thoughts On Denture Cleaner 

If you are looking for a way to extend the life of your dentures, using denture cleaner and removing them for the night is a good idea. Denture toothpaste is quite straightforward and easy to use in the cleaning process of the dentures.  

Should you have any questions or apprehensions for using denture toothpaste, talk to your dentist. They will be able to give you concrete advice as to what brands of denture toothpaste work best depending on the material that your dentures are made out of. They will also be happy to tell you how much of the product to use, if you have that question. 

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