How to Fix a Broken Nose after Years?

how to fix a broken nose after years

According to Refine Clinic’s rhinoplasty experts based in Sydney, NSW, a broken nose can be a minor problem, or it can be an emergency situation, depending on the severity of the damage. How to fix a broken nose after years will also base on the nose’s condition. The doctor must first assess the problem, perform a series of tests before implementing treatment.

Upon assessment, the doctor applies mild pressure on the outer part of the nose including the surrounding areas. This examination includes looking within the nasal passage to check for any obstruction or damage to the bones. Since this can sometimes be uncomfortable to the patient, the doctor may use anesthetics which can be administered through local injection or nasal spray.

In most cases, letting the patient undergo imaging studies is unnecessary. Nevertheless, there are instances when a CT scan is needed to measure the severity of the problem. Through this diagnostic examination, other possible injuries can be detected.

Treatment Options

As mentioned, how to fix a broken nose after years totally depends on the scenario. If the problem is a just a minor fracture without any blockages to the airway or damage to the bones, professional medical treatment may not be needed. Home remedies such as using an ice pack or over-the-counter medications may suffice.

If there are any broken bones or displacements, either the doctor can manually realign your nose. Otherwise, surgery may be needed.

how to fix a broken nose after years

If the doctor can manually realign your nose, this has to be done within 14 days to when the incident took place; the sooner, the better.

During this procedure, a nasal anesthetic spray may be administered to minimize discomfort. A nasal speculum will be used to open the patient’s nostrils. Using special instruments, the doctor realigns any broken cartilages and bones.

If the case is more severe such as multiple breaks or the injury has lapsed for more than 14 days from the time it was injured, manual realignment may no longer be enough. Therefore, the last resort would be surgery to reshape the nose and realign the bones.

Surgery can usually be done in an outpatient basis though. Reconstructive surgery may be needed if the doctor detects damaged nasal septum, since this can cause breathing difficulties.

Home Remedies for a Broken Nose

If you have knowledge on how to fix your broken nose on your own, you can do so before visiting your doctor.

Act with haste. When the break has happened, simply breathe through your mouth and lean forward. This will decrease the amount of blood draining through your throat.

Apply cold compress. Within 24 to 48 hours from the time the incident occurred, apply ice pack at least four times a day to minimize swelling. You can cover it with a clean washcloth. Don’t apply too much pressure though. Otherwise, it can cause more damage and pain to your nose.

Take pain reliever. Especially if you have low tolerance to pain, you can take analgesics such as Tylenol or Advil.

Keep your head elevated. This will make sure that the swelling will not get worse.

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