How to Fix Crooked Tooth

crooked tooth

Have you ever wondered why the Mona Lisa didn’t show her teeth when she was painted? One obvious reason might be that she may have a crooked tooth which she cannot show Da Vinci at that time and if he found out, he may have canceled the whole thing and she will end up as the not-so-popular model.    

Causes of a crooked tooth are aplenty. One may be the baby teeth are unaligned hence a tooth may be pushed forward or backward. A tooth may also be dependent on the allocation of the gum’s spaces in between the teeth. Another might be the hereditary genes that play a major part in one’s life. Additionally, thumb sucking also contributes to the slanting growth of the tooth. Let’s not forget the dreaded tooth or gum decay that might influence the budding of a new tooth.    

crooked tooth

These causes need not make you worry as there are now a lot of ways and processes to straighten or align the crooked tooth. By visiting a dentist or an orthodontist is definitely the best doctor to consult with when it comes to your pearly whites’ problems. They can examine and assess the extent of the tooth’s problem and give you the best options or medications needed. Be open and ask questions on how to best manage a favorable solution that you can afford. Some of the options can be:    

Whatever you decide on how to correct those crooked teeth of yours, it is entirely up to yourself and your budget. The cheapest way may be brushing your teeth often or as by prescribed, eating greens or fruits and staying away from candies and sweets. Showing off those teeth when smiling for a photo is a picture worth shooting for.

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