How to reverse gingivitis fast

how to reverse gingivitis fast

You may have known the importance of oral health and took good care of it. But have you noticed or experienced that your gums are swollen or they cause you sudden jolts of pain when you eat or drink? That may be a sign of gingivitis. Let us find out how to reverse gingivitis fast and what you can do to prevent it at home.

What causes gingivitis?

Plaque is the common cause of gingivitis in patients, young or old. This is a thin layer filled with bacteria that covers the teeth and damages the gums. Allowing plaque to stay in the corners and hard-to-reach edges of our teeth can also cause tooth decay and bad breath.

How to treat gingivitis

Use antibacterial toothpaste and mouthwash. These oral care products contain ingredients that fight off the bacteria present in plaque. You can check out this post to see the best mouthwash brands and their pros and cons.

Brush your teeth correctly. Brushing in small, circular motions can effectively clean the surface of the teeth. Brush for 2 minutes at least twice a day.

Floss daily. This step will ensure that no food debris is left in between teeth that can cause tooth decay and plaque.

How to prevent gingivitis

how to reverse gingivitis fast

Regular dental checkups. Nothing beats a regular visit to your dentist with or without a problem with your pearly whites. Knowing that a professional is maintaining and monitoring your oral health gives you a sense of comfort and ease that you are definitely in good hands.

Scheduled teeth cleaning. Oral prophylaxis is important since the cleaning is performed by a teeth doctor. He has the equipment and instruments to visualize your oral cavity well, so he can clean your teeth edges that are already far from your gaze and reach.

Home treatment for gingivitis

You may try and use any of these solutions to help you prevent or treat gingivitis.

  • Rinsing with saltwater
  • Rinsing with leaf extracts (aloe vera, guava leaf, and sage)
  • Oil mouthwash (made from tea tree, lemongrass, coconut, and Arimedadi)
  • Clove or turmeric  application

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