Why Do You Feel Sore After Deep Tissue Massage?

Why Do You Feel Sore After Deep Tissue Massage

Athletes, sports enthusiasts, and people who are just tired after long hours of work can relax by looking for a licensed massage therapist for their muscle pain. However, the soreness of the muscles can disable a person to function the whole day after a massage. Muscle memory is a key to reduce feeling sore after deep tissue massage. Hence, many masseuse experts suggest having regular massages to avoid reverting to the experience of pain. On the other hand, an expert of deep tissue massage in Sydney advises that patients only take deep tissues once they only feel any muscle pain. It is not recommended to have daily or weekly massages without supervision from an orthopedic or a physical therapist. 

Why Does The Body Need A Massage?

The body can experience all sorts of pain. Whether it is caused by fatigue, stress, work, and other physio musculoskeletal problems, anyone can feel the stinging sensation. Massage benefits soft tissues, muscles, ligaments, and skin. Not only does massage relax a person, but massage also enables the body to cope with rigorous pain felt by the body every day. What are the other health effects of massage therapy for a person’s overall wellbeing? 

Makes You Feel Relaxed

Massage reduces stress by decreasing the production of the cortisol. Most researchers point out this hormone is the main reason for stress, symptoms of anxiety, and depression. Too much cortisol production in the adrenal gland can get stuck in other organs. An event such as this may show as fatigue, lethargy, or restlessness at night. That explains why many families can benefit from giving each other a massage after a long day. 

Great Pain Reliever

Did you exercise or had a quick workout? It feels great to relax and get a massage afterward. An orthopedic or physical therapist can address any pain on your legs, thighs, joints, and body parts with similar types of treatments.

Detoxifies The Body

The lymphatic system produces many toxins after the body consumes food and produces energy. The debris found in the blood can be flushed by getting a deep tissue massage. Applying pressure on your neck, shoulders, and upper abdominal parts can increase blood flow. That said, your lymph nodes may also react to the increase of bloodstream flow to eliminate pathogens, dead cells, and other body waste. 

Corrects Posture

Sore After Deep Tissue Massage Visit Orthopedic

It is common for people to feel the pain of arthritis, inflammation, and other joint pain during cold temperatures. Hence, when these muscle issues happen, posture may also get affected. Most older adults may benefit from having deeper tissues stimulated to produce more heat. Also, people with incorrect posture due to congenital disabilities may temporarily reduce pain from deep tissue massage. However, massage may also have risks if only done outside an orthopedic clinic. It may be best for a person with chronic muscle illness to visit a doctor to diagnose and analyze the proper method for relief.

Strengthens The Immune System

In connection with the lymphatic system, lymphocytes are white blood cells that play a massive part in improving the immune system. Physiological stimulation of the body increases the production of white blood cells that help our body become stronger against pain, diseases, and other toxins in the body. Women may benefit the most with deep tissue massage due to its decreasing chances of having breast cancer. 

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

Massage therapy isn’t limited to the standard strokes and touch of a licensed massage therapist. Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving connective tissues (fascia), which holds deep layers of muscle, tendon, and other tissues. A therapist that uses deep tissue massage doesn’t have rhythmic patterns. Preferably, therapeutic massage has specific strokes and techniques to aid injury, correct posture, and relieve back and muscle pain. 

What Makes You Feel Sore After Deep Tissue Massage?

Body rejuvenation is an advantage. Particularly, if you are getting relaxed with medical factors to consider. Many reasons may encourage you to massage your muscles by these many benefits. On the other hand, there can also be side effects like feeling sore after deep tissue massage. You may be curious why this pain lingers even after you aim to eradicate it. Here are some reasons you need to consider post massage therapy. 

Lactic Acidosis

Exercising usually produces lactic acid, which is a byproduct of the body, breaking down the energy needed by the muscles. Sore muscles experience lactic acidosis when there is excess production of lactate that causes the deep burn. Micro tears in the muscles also enhance lactic acid that inflames the joints, tissues, and feeling sore in the upper and lower abdomen.

Normal Body Healing

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage. After a massage therapist is working on your body to relieve pain, your body naturally repairs damaged and tearing of deep tissues and muscles. However, deep tissue massage promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients faster than average or Swedish massage. Hence, it is normal to feel sore, swelling, or a slight inflammation during this process. 

You May Be Dehydrated

Water dehydration is a risk factor that most people forget. Water is crucial for flushing out toxins in the body. Massage therapy also helps by decreasing the chances of cramps due to hot weather. Drinking water also increases electrolytes, which can combat having too much potassium and sodium in the body. Make sure that you drink enough water and hydrate yourself before getting a deep tissue massage appointment.

Lacking Sleep The Previous Day

Did you get a good night’s rest the day before your massage therapy appointment? If not, then your lack of sleep causes the soreness. Stress from lack of sleep also enhances cortisol in the body. Massage therapists do not recommend to have deep tissue, Swedish, or orthopedic massage without having enough rest.

Ways To Relieve Soreness After Deep Tissue Massage

Use Essential Oils To Relax Soreness

Your body may be feeling active, and having a deep tissue massage may enhance your body’s response. To prevent yourself from feeling sorer after deep tissue massage, use essential oils. Apply essential oils on the area of inflammation. Lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus are good home remedy oils you can use that are available from the local grocery.

Get A Topical Prescription From A Doctor

Muscle Treatment Sore After Deep Tissue Massage

It may be best to get topical prescription medicine if you want to have a medical opinion from your doctor. You may find specialized board-certified doctors that know physiotherapy, such as orthopedics. However, you can also find pain relievers like analgesics from a general physician. Be careful in taking pain medication, mainly if you are under a chronic health condition.

Have The Right Temperature When Taking A Bath

Too cold or too hot temperatures after a nice long massage can damage the healing process and render it useless. If you are planning to take a bath after a deep tissue technique, make sure the temperature doesn’t go beyond warm. It is also not advised to take a shower or bath before or right after any massage.

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