Telemedicine Equipment: Medical And Healthcare Software

telemedicine equipment

What is a piece of telemedicine equipment? How can individuals benefit from it? What is the software used in telemedicine equipment? Telemedicine is a tool that makes healthcare easy to access and economical for patients who are in remote places. Urban IT specialising in Healthcare IT, can help you access and use your healthcare benefits through telemedical equipment.


telemedicine equipment

You and your doctor can give out information virtually without any hassle. A telemedicine equipment software is a high quality, virtual care that enables you to see and capture your medical readings from medical devices. The telemedicine software can help the patients talk to their doctors for assessment and treatment without scheduling an appointment. And can do all of that at the comfort of the patient’s home.

Telemedicine is also called the healing from a distance, by the World Health Organization or WHO. It uses information technologies and telecommunication technologies to offer clinical services to patients in remote areas. The doctors use telemedicine equipment like software, in transmitting the video consultation, digital images and remote medical diagnosis.


Telemedicine uses equipment such as software or mobile medical devices in helping the patients avail the virtual care of health services. Here are some of the benefits that telemedicine can give.

  • Benefits that patients can receive from telemedicine

As telemedicine is about virtual care, patients who have difficulty in the past can now easily access the healthcare services at the comfort of their homes. With the equipment used in telemedicine, patients can also benefit in the following ways.

  • Individuals can avoid wasting time in traffic or spending on gas for cars with video consultations.
  • Patients will not miss their working schedule and can use their work break or after workings hours for a virtual consultation. And virtual visits can help a patient choose a lot of options to avail.
  • Using telemedicine equipment can help in eldercare or childcare challenges.
  • Benefits for the providers

The telemedicine equipment provided for the healthcare systems, skilled nursing facilities and physician practices can provide efficient care to patients. Software that telemedicine offers, such as AI diagnosis, medical streaming devices and electronic medical records, can better help the providers in diagnosing and treatment.

Telemedicine equipment

telemedicine equipment

As we have discussed what telemedicine and its benefits is, let us now discussed the telemedicine equipment offered to patients. Here is the telemedicine equipment that a patient can use for easy access to healthcare services.

  • Telemedicine Carts

Telemedicine carts are used by larger health systems that have more multifaceted telemedicine solutions. These carts are typically used at a large healthcare system or a hospital.

  • Telemedicine Kiosks

This telemedicine equipment is used by large companies who offered many telemedicine solutions. It is also an expensive type of telemedicine equipment.

  • Digital Camera

Telemedicine equipment that uses high resolution and high-end digital cameras for video consulting. It is costly a telemedicine equipment and only providers with a store, and forward telemedicine solutions can use this.

  • Telemedicine Kit

It is telemedicine equipment that is the size of a briefcase but includes a small computer, simple medical devices and camera. It is very portable telemedicine equipment and typically used on remote areas.

  • Mobile Medical Devices

Mobile medical devices are frequently used by either the patients or healthcare practitioners in capturing the medical data and sending it to the medical practitioner.   

  • Telemedicine Software

The piece of telemedicine equipment that requires medical providers to install on their computers. The software will need additional equipment like servers or data storage hardware. Here is the different telemedicine software that a patient or healthcare can use.

telemedicine equipment
  • Video Call used for ambulatory care, in-home care and acute care.
  • Virtual clinic suits clinics who want to improve their backend and workflow experience.
  • A tele-triage software used for urgent care environments and emergency room. This software will lessen the waiting time of patients with an emergency need.
  • EMR telemedicine software provides easy access to medical records of patients when the doctor is not on site.
  • With the billing solution software, patients can pay online, check-in for scheduled or walk-in visits and fill an intake form.

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