Walking Vs Biking, Which One Is Better For Our Body?

walking vs biking

Every day you go to school or work offices through buses or your car, but have you ever ask yourself how it would be if you would walk or ride a bike? Of how much benefits it would give to you and to Mother Nature? Walking vs biking, which are excellent methods of workout in burning our calories and losing weight? Walking doesn’t require any usage of equipment while biking needs either a bike or a stationary bike. For the stationary bike you need, you could get it the best ones at StationaryBike.com.au. But between walking vs biking, which would be an effective form of exercise that would help us in being fit and healthy and improve weight loss? Let’s discover what benefits does walking vs biking provides on an individual’s body.


woman walking-walking vs biking

Walking is a form of workout ideal for enhancing weight loss and be fit and healthy. Aside from running, walking doesn’t need any equipment, you can just take a stroll at the park or walk your way to your work offices or schools. According to a lot of studies, walking helps in reducing an individual to develop stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

Benefits of Walking

Walking offers a lot of benefits to all ages of people and even prevent us from acquiring diseases or illnesses. Here are some benefits that we could get from walking.

  • One benefit of walking is it can help you burn calories. Burning calories can aid you in maintaining or losing weight. There are numerous factors that your calorie burn depends on, and that includes your walking speed, the distance that you covered, the terrain or path you walked on (uphill or flat terrain) and your weight. Also, you can burn more calories on an uphill path rather than on flat terrain. The calorie calculator provides in determining your calorie burn.
  • Walking is an energy booster. A half an hour of pacing at the street or on a treadmill at the comfort of your home can be more effective in boosting your energy rather than drinking a cup of coffee. Walking helps in increasing the oxygen flows of your body, and it also raises the hormone levels of your epinephrine, cortisol and norepinephrine.
  • Walking also increases your body’s immune system. It prevents you from acquiring a disease or illnesses. It also prevents you from getting a cold or flu. According to one study, walking for thirty to forty-five minutes at a moderate pace will give you a forty-three per cent chance of getting sick days.
  • Another benefit of walking is it eases the joints in your body. As walking helps in strengthening and lubricating the muscle joints, it helps in protecting your joints that includes your hips and knees. Walking from five to six miles a week can also help in preventing from acquiring arthritis.
  • One benefit that your body can get from walking is that it helps you in strengthening your heart. As one of the most critical organs in our body, it is significant that taking care of our heart is vital. Walking as one of your workouts would result to strengthen your heart, as walking causes your heart rate to accelerate and pump blood properly. Also, walking may help in decreasing the fats and proteins in your body that causes blood clot, reduces your blood sugar and prevents heart disease.


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Biking or cycling is a top-notch form of workout that has a low impact and healthy for our body. It also helps in strengthening the lower part of our body that includes our glutes, hips, and legs. You can ride a bike outdoor, on the road, flat terrain or on a mountain trail. You could also exercise indoor using a stationary bike or an indoor trainer.

Benefits of Biking

Biking is a fantastic exercise that will keep you be active in your daily life. It can also help in having a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. Here are some benefits that you could acquire from biking.

  • Biking helps in strengthening your body’s legs. Biking increases the full functionality of the lower part of your body, and it supports the muscles in your legs. One of the exercises that would help in strengthening your leg muscles is the weight lifting exercises like lunges or squats.
  • One benefit of biking is it helps in decreasing and maintain weight loss. Regular biking helps in reducing the fats level in your body and increases your build muscle and metabolism, which even at rest will allow you to burn more calories.
  • Biking is an excellent form of exercise for beginners, as it has a low impact on the body, and there is equipment that can be used if one had difficulty in riding a bike.

In conclusion, walking and biking are two of the most influential and healthy forms of exercise and had a lot of benefits to human’s health and to the environment. It is up to you to choose which one you would prefer and best suited for your body. You can enjoy both forms of activity with equipment for fitness to use at home.

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