Crooked Nose

Why is My Nose Crooked to One Side? Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments

Why is my nose crooked to one side? There are many reasons
why your nose might be crooked, but the most common is that one side of your
nose is longer than the other. This often occurs when cartilage in the nasal
septum has been pushed out of place or broken. In this blog post, we’ll take a
look at why some noses are crooked and why they may stay that way even after

Therapeutic Massage

What Are The Five Deep Tissue Massage Techniques?

Deep tissue massage is one of the popular massage
techniques, mainly used to treat issues related to strains and injuries. It
includes applying continuous pressure using gradual, deep strokes to focus on
the deep layers of muscles and connective tissues. In addition to this, a
therapist can do deep tissue massage techniques in various approaches. These
multiple techniques make the treatment unique and perfect for athletes. Keep
reading to learn more about deep tissue massage, including tips on finding a qualified
therapist for this treatment.