Exercise After Breast Implants

exercise after breast implants

Is it safe to do exercise after a breast augmentation surgery? Returning to a normal exercise route immediately after a breast implant surgery can lead to patients experiencing complications and delayed recovery. Exercise after breast implants is dependent on a number of factors including an individual’s ability and rate of recovery, type of implants used and the specific position they are placed, the diet and general health of an individual.

Patients are advised to follow an exercising guideline following a breast implant surgery to reduce the risk of experiencing complications with the procedure. The general guidelines to follow include;

The first two weeks following surgery

Patients are recommended to avoid any strenuous exercise after breast implants as this can put pressure and stress on the healing muscles and tissues, increase blood pressure and cause bleeding slowing down recovery.

Light walking for a few minutes every hour is recommended within this period as they help in stretching muscles and improving blood circulation and preventing the formation of blood clots.

Week three to four following surgery

During this period, an individual will have gained some energy and strength. Patients are recommended to increase the walking distance and time, start cycling activities, light weight lifting, and light swimming. This will help improve cardiovascular health.

exercise after breast implants

Light upper body exercises such as lifting the arms above the head, chest stretches and shoulder raising are recommended at this time.

Week four to seven following surgery

At this period, the body will have gained enough strength and energy. An individual will be able to run, increase swimming rate and weight lifting capacity. The patient will also be able to do lunges, pushups, and squats.
However, patients who feel strained with these exercises are advised to reduce the intensity of the exercise until they feel okay.

After week eight

The patient will have healed completely and should return to their normal exercising routine with heavy weight lifting and high-intensity exercises.

After returning to a normal exercise routine, it is also recommended to wear a comfortable and supporting sports bra that can reduce movement and pressure on the breasts.

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