Male Breast Reduction Cost

male breast reduction cost

Many men feel uncomfortable in their bodies. Much of the time, this may be due to how they perceive themselves and their appearance. One particular body-related issue that plagues men is known as Gynecomastia, which is an enlargement of the breast from excess fat and skin tissue. Luckily, through modern-day technological advancement, there are solutions to this problem. One such solution is Male Breast Reduction. However, this is an expensive route. For more information, read about breast reduction or augmentation at

Below, I have discussed what is considered in male breast reduction cost. 

Male Breast Reduction falls in the category of plastic surgery. In many cases, the purpose of plastic surgery is considered “cosmetic,” and therefore not essential in the eyes of insurance companies. Male Breast Reduction is indeed a surgery, as much as having a broken leg fixed is, but if it is deemed to only be for the benefit of a person’s appearance, insurance will not cover it. And as with any medical procedure, it is expensive. The lack of an insurance cushion is perhaps the main reason for the expensive breast reduction cost, but the price is brought into the multiple thousands of dollars range because of what the surgery involves. 

male breast reduction

Plastic surgery of any sort is a specialized profession, and the costs of a specialist of any sort are always pricey. Then there are the resources of the surgery, such as the anesthesia (which typically requires a separate person to administer too) and any prescription drugs and hormones that a client would have to take for a period of time afterward. Of course, there will also be repeat visits to ensure safe progress has been made. 

In the end, it is down to the individual whether or not the breast reduction cost is worth the benefit of its purpose, but either way, the cost will be assuredly be high.

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