Receding Gums Gingivoplasty

receding gums gingivoplasty

Receding gums gingivoplasty is a procedure done to a person with gum recession. Gingivoplasty surgery can also be done to reshape healthy gums for a better appearance. Gum recession occurs when the teeth start to wear or even pull backward which exposes the roots. This can cause sensitivity, abrasion, decay around the root surface and even tooth loss. In restoring tooth loss, there are useful blogs at the DDSS site called ToothImplantsSydney where you get to be informed how dental implants are the best alternative for replacing missing teeth. Meanwhile, here are the main factors that lead to receding gums.

  1. A periodontal disease where bacteria infect the tissues around the gum.
  2. Bad oral hygiene.
  3. Bad tooth brushing. If you brush in the wrong way or too hard, the enamel will wear out. Please check out Dental 266’s Philips Sonicare toothbrush reviews if you’re looking for the ideal electric toothbrush for you.
  4. Grinding teeth.
  5. Smoking, it piles up tartar.
  6. Crooked teeth, place pressure on other teeth.
  7. Genetics. 30% of people will suffer from this problem no matter how they maintain their oral hygiene.
receding gums gingivoplasty

Dentists recommend receding gums gingivoplasty to correct the condition. Depending on the patient needs, the dentist can perform any of the following gingivoplasties.

  • Free gingival graft: Soft tissues around the mouth or nearby healthy gum tissue are removed and stitched to the areas where the gums are receding. Patients with thin gums are likely to get this type of graft to prevent further recession.
  • Pedicle graft: The dentist creates a flap of tissue right next to the receding gums and uses them to cover the affected area. It’s the most successful procedure since it doesn’t cut off blood flow.
  • Pocket depth reduction/ Gingival flap surgery: This procedure is done to patients with pockets depth great than 5 millimeters. The gum tissue is folded and placed over the root to cover the pockets. Some proteins can be injected to stimulate natural regrowth.

There are various ways such as cleaning and removing tartar that can be used to stop receding gums. Deep cleaning will stop the bacteria from building up.

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