What Causes Tooth Loss

what causes tooth loss

Are you looking for what causes tooth loss? If yes read the article to find out. Losing teeth is common to all people ranging from toddlers to adults. Losing milk teeth is obvious, unlike your permanent teeth. Losing teeth as people age is something inevitable. But thanks to modern dentistry a tooth loss can now be restored with the help of restorative procedures like dental implants.

Tooth loss has consequences, the quality of life greatly affected due to a decrease in chewing ability which limits the foods you can comfortably take. This could result in poor nutrition which may impact your general health negatively. Some of the effects of teeth loss include a sagging face, impaired speech among others.

So what causes tooth loss? There are many causes of tooth loss. They include:

Bad oral hygiene

Results in acid producing bacteria accumulating on the surface of your teeth which lead to the cavity in your teeth by reducing the minerals contained in the tooth enamel. It also results in periodontal disease which weakens the supporting tissues like bones and ligaments. This may result in tooth loss.

what causes tooth loss

Poor nutrition

Lack of proper nutrition greatly reduces your mouth ability to resist infections. The role of calcium is to strengthen the bones supporting the teeth. Lack of adequate calcium in the body may weaken the bones supporting the teeth thereby leading to the loss of teeth. Furthermore, diets with high contents of sugar, acids, and carbohydrates may interfere with the health of your gums and teeth which may contribute to the loss of teeth.

Lack of regular dental check-ups

Apart from maintaining good oral hygiene, visiting a dentist at least once in six months may be of much importance as the dentist will be able to identify signs of the tooth which you may have not noticed. Through check-ups, you will be able to realize the hard deposits underneath the gum which demand professional treatment. In most cases, the dentist is capable of helping you to save your teeth.

Discussed above are some of the causes of tooth loss. However, a tooth loss can be prevented if we maintain a good oral hygiene and don’t neglect dental visits.

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