Emergency Dental Work: Signs To Watch Out For

Any injury to your teeth or the gums can be potentially hazardous. You shouldn’t ignore a dental problem, however minor it might appear. This minimizes the possibility of long-term dental health problems. There various warning signs, which show that you need emergency dental work.

Here are some of these signs.

Loose Teeth

A healthy adult shouldn’t experience wiggly or lose teeth. Adults are supposed to have healthy and sturdy teeth. Loose or wiggly teeth often point out to a more serious underlying issue such as tooth injury or gum deterioration. If you experience this, you should seek immediate
medical attention.

Severe Toothache

Many people experience toothaches at some point in life. Sometimes, the pain can be quelled using simple, at-home interventions such as painkillers. However, you should see your dentist for emergency dental work if you experience server toothache. When the cause of your toothache is determined early, it will be easier to diagnose the condition before it worsens.

Bleeding and Aching Gums

Bleeding or aching gums are a warning sign for gingivitis or early gum disease. If you have incorporated proper tooth flossing and brushing techniques into your dental health routine but you notice that your gums are sore or bleeding, seek immediate medical attention.

Numb Teeth

If you previously experienced toothaches that suddenly stop, and you feel nothing at all, there’s a possibility that your infection has spread to the tooth root. Tooth numbness isn’t a good thing, since it’s one of the symptoms of abscess.

Swollen Jaw

Swollen jaws typically indicate a serious infection. Often, swollen jaws result from salivary gland infection. If your jaws are swollen and you frequently have a bad taste in the mouth coupled with fever, you should contact a specialist for emergency dental work. This way, your symptoms will be examined and treated before they get more serious.

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