EverlyWell: Reviews, Pros and Cons, and Facts

It’s common for people to be curious about the status of their health. Whether you want to check your inner body health or you’re dealing with allergic reactions, you can always find a home testing kit to access your health information. One of the most popular kits these days is EverlyWell. In this article, we will discuss its pros and cons and some EverlyWell reviews from its avid users.

What is EverlyWell?

Before anything else, let’s understand what EverlyWell is and how it serves its purpose. EverlyWell originated from Austin, Texas, produced by a health testing company that opened in 2015. The kits were ordered online and shipped directly to the buyer’s home.

everlywell self test

The kit contains all the necessary materials to take samples at home. After collecting the sample, the kit will be shipped back to the health-testing facility via prepaid expedited packaging. The kits will be sent to their respective laboratories, and the test results are delivered with a secured platform.

EverlyWell offers about 32 different testing kits, including:

  • food sensitivity tests
  • STD test kits
  • Lyme Disease test
  • Home test for food allergies
  • General Wellness

How Does it Work?

The process is relatively simple. Starting with…

Order Your Test Kits

First of all, you need to choose a health test, then request it from the company. After sending your request, a certified board doctor from your state will review and approve your order. Once it’s approved, you will receive your home testing kit in five to 10 days. You will need to use the kit within five months, or the doctor’s approval will expire.

Take Your Samples

The test kit will come with directions on how to use it. It will also contain all the equipment you will need for sample collection at home. Depending on what EverlyWell tests you ordered, you may need to collect a blood sample, urine sample, or saliva sample.

If you’re still uncertain, there are several videos online showing how to use EverlyWell testing kits. Also, EverlyWell offers online support if you have concerns or questions regarding the test kits.

Send Your Samples For Lab Testing

Each EverlyWell Test kit comes with a biohazard bag and a prepaid shipping label so you can send your collected samples to the lab. Before sending, be sure to write your name, collection date on the bag, and collection time.

Some people take several tests, and that’s allowed as well. However, you will need to send your samples in separate bags. In short, one testing kit is equivalent to one biohazard bag, don’t put them all together in one package. Double-check everything before shipping the bags because samples don’t always go to the same lab. According to EverlyWell, laboratories typically receive the samples in two to three days.

Check your Test Results Online

You don’t need to wait for another parcel to get your test results. You can get your EverlyWell test results online five business days after you have sent your sample. But take note that processing time may differ, and sometimes, it might take them a while to post your results.

But don’t worry because you won’t have to check from time to time. They will send you an email stating that your results are ready and that you can access the details in your EverlyWell account.

The situation is not always the same for customers. Some testing results would come with health consultations signed by a doctor, which you can use on your health checkup.

Regarding the confidentiality of the results, EverlyWell guarantees that it’s taking the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 very seriously. They will never share your information with anyone else unless you authorized them.

Furthermore, the tests are available for adults only; minors and children below 18 cannot take EverlyWell home tests.



If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have much time to go outside for health testing, EverlyWell can be a great option for you. Just order the kit online, take samples, send it back, and wait for the results online.

Wide Range of Health Tests

What’s even better is that EverlyWell offers a variety of home testing kits to choose from. It can be a pretty convenient alternative for people who think that they contracted viral infections.



All types of convenience do come with a price. A test from EverlyWell can match the cost you pay during your visit to your doctor.

Not for Faint-Hearted

The test kits are done in the comfort of your home. This means that you will have to take the samples all by yourself. Sample types include:

  • finger prick
  • nasal swab
  • urine
  • stool


Not everyone is a fan of EverlyWell tests. Some people question its lack of evidence for specific tests. For instance, it’s being questioned for its method in testing food sensitivities.


The cost of EverlyWell tests varies. Ideally, here’s an estimate of the cost range per category:

  • General wellness: $49–$259
  • Energy and weight: $49–$99
  • Women’s health: $49–$199
  • Sexual health: $49–$149
  • Men’s health: $49–$199

Indeed, it’s not as affordable as you think it is, but don’t panic; EverlyWell occasionally offers discounts and promos. You can also join their membership program, about $24.99 a month, and get a monthly testing kit. They have a cheaper option as well. It would cost you $14.99 per month for an STI test of your choice.

It doesn’t end there. EverlyWell also honors other forms of payment, including flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA). But it’s important to check your plans as some plans are strict with what they allow.

Sadly, Medicare and Medicaid plans don’t cover this type of health testing. But other insurance providers allow a few types of home testing kits.

General Wellness Tests. EverlyWell offers different kinds of home kits. Tests can be taken by people over 18 and are not for use by children.

EverlyWell reviews: Food Sensitivity Test

EverlyWell has two different tests for food sensitivities. The first food sensitivity test checks the customer’s reaction to 96 different foods. And the second food sensitivity test can determine your response to 204 foods.

One of the controversial things that EverlyWell faces is its method for food sensitivity tests. They use immunoglobulin G testing, which most clinicians do not advise. According to health experts, EverlyWell food sensitivity testing using immunoglobulin G testing is unreliable and misleading. It cannot provide accurate results, and it only shows irrelevant information.

COVID-19 Test Home Kit

covid 19 self test

To keep up with the demands of the recent pandemic, EverlyWell also produced a nasal swab test to test the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The Food and Drug Administration immediately approved this test due to emergency reasons.

You’ll have to pay in cash for the COVID-19 test, but you can reimburse the payment from your health insurance.

Allergy Test

This home-health testing kit uses immunoglobulin G testing as well. It checks your reaction to 40 common allergens like:

  • grasses
  • dust
  • pets

Stress and Sleep Test

Stress and sleep test uses a urine sample to determine if you have sleep or stress issues—the test measures melatonin, cortisol, creatinine, and cortisone levels. Everything has to be in the normal range. If they are too high or too low, it means something needs to be checked.

Low and high levels don’t always mean that you have problems with your stress management and sleeping habits. Sometimes it means that a person has an underlying health condition that may need professional treatment. In cases like this, talk to your doctor.

Cholesterol Test

The cholesterol test checks your cholesterol levels. You will need to submit a blood sample to check for:

  • total cholesterol
  • triglyceride levels
  • low-density lipoprotein (LDL)
  • high-density lipoprotein (HDL)

HbA1c Test

HbA1c Test checks your blood sugar levels for the past 90 days.

Men’s Health Test

The following tests are specifically designed for men only.

  • Comprehensive test
  • Testosterone test

Women’s Health Test

Listed below are the home test kits for women.

  • HPV test
  • Test for ten hormone levels
  • Ovarian reserve test
  • Perimenopause test
  • Postmenopause test
  • Fertility test

Energy and Weight Test

The tests below checks the hormone and vitamin levels that both affect weight and energy.

  • Vit. D test
  • Thyroid test
  • Metabolism Test

Sexual Health Test

EverlyWell’s tests for sexual health are:

  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test
  • Trichomoniasis Test
  • Hepatitis C Test
  • HIV Test
  • Syphilis Test
  • STD Test – Female
  • STD Test – Male

Customer Reviews

Even though EverlyWell only began in 2015, it has already attained a solid reputation. A lot of its consumers have many positive things to say about the test kits. According to consumers, the tests are easy to use, and it doesn’t take long to get the results. In addition, the results helped a lot of patients easily discuss their health conditions with their physicians.

But of course, there are negative reviews as well. Some users state that they had a hard time collecting their own blood samples. A few people have experienced delay results, lost packages, poor customer service, and issues with the kit itself.


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