How To Contour A Crooked Nose? 7 Tips To Disguise A Crooked Nose

Nose Contouring

Noses come in various sizes and shapes. However, despite its unique forms, some people may not be a fan of their noses. So, if you are that person, this article is very suitable for you. We will discuss some beauty tricks on how to contour a crooked nose and other types of noses to improve your looks and boost your confidence.

A Crooked Nose

Crooked noses come in various shapes and sizes. They usually refer to a nose that does not follow a straight line down the centre of your face.

how to contour a crooked nose

Some crookedness may not be very obvious. Others are more dramatic, depending on the reason. Though most crooked noses are typically a cosmetic concern, they can at times influence your breathing.

The internet offers different approaches that promise to straighten your nose regarding treating a crooked nose. You can try the following tips to know whether these exercises actually work.

Beauty Tricks To Disguise A Crooked Nose

If you are only concerned about the appearance of your nose and do not want to undergo a nose job, these simple tricks can help achieve that goal.

Thanks to this contouring practice, you can become a makeup artist of your own. Here are some terrific beauty tips to help a crooked nose appear straighter.

Blend Away Bumps

You can soften the bump on your nose by using a dark concealer or foundation on the raised region and mixing. After that, use a lighter shade to line one side of the nose, beginning at the top and going directly down to the nostrils. This will make a smoother, slimmer nose.

Adjusting It

Even out your slightly slanted nose with a clever splitting. If your knock falls on the left, part your hair to the opposite side. This eliminates the attention to the centre of your face.

Use a Highlighter

Apply the highlighter straight down to the nose bridge. If you are a little hesitant to use a highlighter, simply replace it with your light concealer.

Avoid Using Bold Lipsticks

Some people think bolder lipstick can draw attention away from your nose. However, a bright colour is probably going to do the opposite. Instead, it would be better to use nude, soft pinks and subtle shadings. This is the ideal colour palette to work with a smokey eye.

Avoid Slick Hairstyles

Your nose will become prominent if your hair is pulled off your face. The equivalent goes for a full fringe. Instead, choose softer styles like a loose plait or a bouncy blowout to draw attention away from your nose.

Try The Feline Flick

Create eyeliner flicks to lengthen your eye shape. Creating a broader eye look will open up this area of your face, making your nose straight.

Contour Like A Professional

Contour a straight line on either side of your nose using a square brush and a contour makeup cream two hues darker than your complexion. Ensure you conceal in where your noses curve in and out as well. Then, shade a V-shape on the tip of your nose down to the nostrils. Defining lines around your nose sounds insane, yet it can be really successful when everything blends in.

Applying makeup on a crooked nose.

After that, use a lighter shade, ideally the shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and highlight straight down the focal point of your nose.  Buff the item into the skin with your beauty blender, recalling the angled edges of your nose.

Finally, don’t forget to bake your makeup using translucent powder before polishing off the excess.

Other Forms of Nose and Tips To Improve Them With Contour

Everyone has a unique nose shape and size. You can check out the following tips to properly contour your nose.

Flat Nose: You have a flat nose if the bridge of your nose appears flat. To improve it using nose contouring, make two straight lines on either side of the bridge. This will give your nose a more sculpted bone structure.

Bulbous Nose: If you have a thin bridge and wide-set nostrils, contour the top and bottom of your nose and apply a highlighter to the centre of the bridge.

Triangle-Shaped Nose: If you have a thinner top and wider nostrils, contour the tip of your nose and apply a highlighter under the inner corner of your eyebrows.

Irregular Nose: This nose has a small indentation on either side of your nose bridge. Applying a highlighter to the indented part can combat any shadows.

Narrow Nose: Contour in two straight lines on one of the sides of the bridge of your nose to add thickness to the bridge.

See A Professional To Fix A Crooked Nose

Crooked noses are very common. They can happen because of a deviated septum or a traumatic injury. As a matter of fact, many people have some type of deviated septum. There is no need for treatment, except if your crooked nose causes breathing issues.

So if you have breathing problems or you just want to permanently fix your nose for cosmetic purposes, exercises probably will not help. Instead, see a qualified and trained doctor who knows the best method to address your concern. You can go to Refine Clinic in Bondi today if you need professional help.


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