Implant Retained Dentures: Best Way To Save You From Embarrassment

implant retained dentures to address missing teeth.

Implant-retained dentures are one of the fascinating developments in addressing missing teeth. This option will keep you away from embarrassment due to your loss of teeth. Meanwhile, at this state-of-the-art Baulkham Hills dental clinic, you can encounter the best technology and materials for dentistry. Overall, they want to offer the best quality of dental care that their patients deserve.

Conventional dentures

3D sample of a conventional denture

It is a treatment option to replace missing teeth. Additionally, these dentures are fully removable. On the other hand, your mouth tissues will need to heal first before you can use these dentures. It means you still have to wait up to four weeks before you get your permanent dentures.

Generally speaking, losing the majority or all of your teeth can become problematic. You will entirely change your eating habits. Munching on crunchy, healthy foods is no longer possible if you have missing teeth.

In this case, conventional dentures are beneficial to restore your oral condition as if you never missed a single tooth. However, having removable features, the dentures require excellent care. Taking it on and off can be embarrassing, which makes some people not choose this denture.

On the positive side, some dentures offer stability and chewing function improvement. These dentures might be the answer to individuals who do not want to proceed with a traditional denture. You can see them below.

Implant-retained dentures

This dental treatment option is another way to resolve the case of missing teeth. This way, you would be able to restore the appearance of your smile. Furthermore, you can confidently show your teeth again when you smile.

Additionally, implant-retained dentures can replace both your upper and lower teeth. With this denture, you can ensure a secured, natural-looking appearance on your smile. Aside from that, these dentures are more comfortable and convenient in comparison to conventional dentures.

Implant-retained dentures involve connection to your jawbone through dental implants. In effect, you would be able to bite, chew, and speak clearly in like manner when you have your natural teeth. On the other hand, conventional dentures only rest on the gums and have no support from implants.

Moreover, using this denture, the gums will absorb the majority of the force when you bite. Meanwhile, there is also this denture we refer to as implant-supported dentures. How are these different from implant-retained dentures?

Implant-supported dentures

In this case, the dentures will take the full force of the bite. The implant-supported dentures will be absorbing the force through the implants and into the jawbone. As a result, the patient can gain the most natural and effective bite.

Unfortunately, these dentures are more expensive compared to implant-retained dentures. Besides that, a good quality bone is one of the requirements that the patient should have to be eligible for this treatment option.

If the patient does not have this requirement, they have to undergo additional procedures. But some patients are not into choosing that path of more dental procedures to take. For this reason, dentists would prefer the use of implant-retained dentures instead of this treatment option.

Factors for consideration

Generally speaking, choosing the treatment option is not that easy. Several factors for consideration are available. The following are great influencers to a patient’s choice of treatment among the options we mentioned above.

  • Health: In some cases, patients have other oral disorders, such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or sleep apnea. For these conditions, patients prefer to wear their teeth at night in a comfortable manner. Between the two treatment options above, implant-supported dentures are better for these cases.
  • Lifestyle: Some individuals do not feel better with the thought of having removable teeth. It simply reminds them of their permanent tooth loss.
  • Diet: Patients have differences when it comes to the food they eat daily. Some prefer soft foods, while others enjoy eating chewier foods. In this case, the dentures to choose should match the dietary practice of the patient.
  • Cost: In actuality, this factor is the number one among all the factors that affect the patient’s treatment choice. Not everyone can avail of treatment options even if they are necessary. However, the dentist will explain each treatment option’s pros and cons, according to the patient’s oral needs.

Overall, we are responsible for taking care of our teeth. However, we may encounter instances wherein we cannot avoid oral issues, such as losing teeth. In this case, we should head directly to our dentist to know which treatment options are applicable to work it out.


An old lady thinking how dentures can help her eat her favorite foods again.

Implant-retained dentures offer several benefits to restore oral condition after losing a tooth or more. However, it would be best to know all details from your dentist. This way, you can firmly decide whether it’s a go or not.

Overall, undergoing a dental procedure requires complete understanding as well as being fully prepared for it. You and your dentist should settle everything beforehand.

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