When Is Low Impact Exercise Useful?

The woman walks fast every morning as her exercise routine.

Do you want to lose weight, but your conditions hinder you from working out well? Or, for some reason, do you think that doing lots of movement does not apply to you? Since low-impact exercise is a form of gentle and easy movements, most people can participate in this activity. It is ideal for people who cannot or do not want to do high-intensity workouts. Moreover, it is also the best first approach for a newbie in fitness activity. Go to https://ellipticalcrosstrainer.com.au and start getting fit.

Reason to Do Low Impact Exercise

Most people are excited to do exercises because it will help them to lose weight. However, not everyone can participate in the high-intensity movement. These include:

  • Damages in the connective tissue, joints or bones
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic problems such as stress fractures, osteoporosis, or arthritis
  • Being overweight
  • Being a beginner to fitness activity
  • A dislike to high impact exercise

If you are trying to lose weight but cannot do high-impact exercises, you can start with low-impact activity though the result may take more time than a high-intensity workout. Furthermore, the following are some of the reasons why low-impact exercise is ideal for you.

Injured and Recovering

The group of people uses a platform in their session.

In case you are trying to remain off of a specific joint or muscle that has been difficult for you previously, it is better to keep things low effect. This condition is particularly evident if you suffered from a muscular injury or have undergone a joint replacement surgical procedure. Maintaining the impact low will improve your recovery that helps you return to high impact movement with time.

Prefer to Go Easy on the Joints

Once you encounter sore joints after your workout, you might be putting an excessive amount of weight on your body. That does not mean you should remove the high-intensity workout altogether. However, it would be better to do more low-impact exercises to offer your joints a break.

Enhance Alignment and Balance

Frequently, low-impact exercises concentrate more on stretching, strength, balance, and alignment than consuming calories and building power. Low impact activities like yoga and Pilates can improve your alignment and balance.

To Take a Break from Cardio

Even though it is a low impact, it does not mean it is simple. Low impact exercise can still make your heart rate increase and help you lose weight without going to high impact activity. Consider extreme low-impact movements such as boxing with a mentor, paddling, or strength training. It is not a wrong strategy to switch things up from standard high-impact cardio to intense low-impact exercise now and again.

Making the Most of Low Impact Exercise 

In case you have ever added any running into your walking exercises or attempted some bounce roping for the first time in years, you most likely saw how high your heart rate shoots up. Be that as it may, if you cannot or do not want to perform high-intensity workouts, there are a few other options.


It is the most popular low-impact activity, yet to make your heart rate increase, you may have to do a few things.

Walk faster: Often, walking too slowly is one mistake we make to get the pulse up. Getting a move can help you boost the intensity of your exercises.

Attempt interval training: By adding brief bursts of speed or an infrequent steep slope to your walking exercises, you can expand the force of your exercises just as your calorie-consume. Give a try to one of the Hill Trials on the treadmill or one of the Beginner Interval Workouts to begin.

Apply your arms: Ensure you are not clutching the treadmill and swing your arms to increase the intensity when you are outside. Holding loads as you walk is a big no because it can cause injury. However, think about using walking poles as another option.

Mix things up: In case walking is your only basis of cardio, cross-train with different exercises, like swimming, cycling, or getting a rowing machine to maintain your body challenged. Walking is something we do each day and, consequently, we are excellent at it. Picking up something you are not as skillful can be a great lift to your endurance and weight loss.

Walking the Stairs 

Whether they are an actual stair or a revolving staircase at the gym, walking upstairs can give an excellent impact exercise and a terrific method to get your heart rate up. In case you are a novice, try adding a couple of minutes of stair-climbing to your typical exercise or hop on the step mill for a short five minutes towards the end of your workout. You will see you do not have to go exceptionally quick to increase your heart rate.


This activity can be another intense low impact movement, particularly if you are hiking up a slope. The shifting terrain involves a great deal of work from the lower body, and going up a mountain incorporates the large muscles of the glutes, thighs, and hips. These muscles are what you exactly need for an intense cardio exercise. Include a knapsack, and you are consuming even more calories.

Step Aerobics 

This exercise can be a superb other option if you enjoy choreographed activity yet do not need the beating of hi or lo high impact exercise. Since you are stepping onto a stationary stage, you can commonly make your heart rate up without performing any hopping. Applying the arms in step aerobics can contribute greater force to the exercise as well. Likewise, you can try group fitness classes or other further developed videos that may incorporate high impact and change the exercise to keep it low.

All physical activity is good for our health and body, so long as you do it properly and it does not expose your body to unnecessary pressure. When planning your personal exercise routine, it is always smart to talk with an expert, like a mentor, a coach, or your doctor. The person will educate you on which type of movement is ideal for you based on your personal fitness goals and your clinical history. Keep in mind that exercise is not a one-sized cloth that will fit everyone. It is necessary to take individual thought from one athlete to the next.

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