Warning Signs Of A Bad Dentist: Identifying Unreliable Dental Workers

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Dentists could be the key to keep our dental health uncompromised. Unfortunately, some of them are quite unreliable and unprofessional. You need to know the warning signs of a bad dentist so that you can spare yourself from an unprecedented dental health catastrophe. Some people choose to travel abroad for cheaper dental treatments by non-registered dentists but is dental tourism worth it?



What Makes A Bad Dentist

It’s quite easy to see the warning signs of a bad dentist if you will pay close attention. If you have met professional dentists in the past, you can easily distinguish the reasons why some dentists are bad. You can stay away from these kinds of dental workers by asking for referrals from your family and friends. If you’re looking for a trusted dental clinic in Chatswood, NSW, you can click on this link to book an appointment.

So how exactly will you know if you chose the wrong dentist? Below is a list of the most common warning signs of a bad dentist:

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X-ray issues. According to dentists, dental X-rays should only be taken once every 2 years. A bad dentist might force you to take an X-ray just for the sake of extra income. Moreover, he must show and explain to you the result of the X-ray.

Not asking for dental records. The first and most important thing that the doctor should be asking you is your dental records from your previous clinic. If he does not even mention it, take it as one of the warning signs that he’s not taking your dental health seriously.

Surprisingly abundant procedures. Our list of warning signs of bad dentists will not be completed without discussing how fraudulent dentists scam their patients by deliberately diagnosing oral problems that aren’t even there.

Extremely expensive procedures. You can typically say that a dentist is bad if the cost of their services is way too high compared to other clinics.

Services that are not covered by insurance. It’s time to have second thoughts if your dentist is recommending procedures that are mostly not covered by your health insurance. This is one of their ways to increase your bill and just put money in their pockets.

Offering free services. Be extra cautious when it comes to clinics that are offering free non-invasive services like whitening or cleaning. Sometimes, this just their way of inviting you into the office so that they can offer you costly procedures.


Unfamiliar treatments in your bill. Always ask for a breakdown of your bill. Some dentists are adding extra services to their patient’s bills and if they are not keen on checking it, they’ll get scammed easily.



Warning Signs Of A Poor Dental Office

Now that you know how to determine a bad dentist, it’s time for us to discuss the warning signs of a substandard dental clinic. One thing that you must also consider in choosing your dentist is the environment that you’d be in during the procedures.

  • Unsanitary facility. Everything in a dental clinic must be clean and sanitized, from the reception, receiving area, and up to the inner clinic. If the facility is not clean, this could indicate that the staff is not following certain protocols.
  • Unsterilized tools. The most important responsibility of healthcare workers is making sure that the tools that they are using are clean and sterilized. If not, this could put the patient at risk of infection.
  • Old technology. The field of dentistry is always trying to find contemporary ways to provide modernized medical solutions to dental problems. You will know that you’re in a negligent dental office if their devices and machines are old and outdated.
  • No available website. In these modern days, having a website is one way for clinics to encourage customers to try their services. However, if they are aware that they are as good as others, you probably see little to no information about them online.
  • They have a bad reputation. This is probably one of the most obvious warning signs. If they are not recommended by the people you know and have negative feedback on social media, it’s time for you to walk away.
  • They can’t properly address your concerns. A faulty clinic will try to brush off your queries and questions if you ask them through phone or email. They will most probably ask you to visit their clinic instead so they can force you into some procedures you don’t even need.

Finding a Good Dentist

Apart from understanding the warning signs of a bad dentist, you can also save yourself from the devastation of poor dental treatments by knowing how to find a good dentist. You may refer to the tips below:

dentists communication skills
  • Examine how they communicate. Dentists need to have good communication skills. This is one of the signs that he or she can always answer your queries.
  • Ask for recommendations. You can speak with your family and friends and see if they know a professional dentist that you can trust.
  • Check their credentials. Know if they are licensed to practice and see if they have substantial experience in dentistry.
  • Do your research. Go online and check the reviews of their previous and current clients.
  • Consider their gender. Some women are more comfortable with female dentists as well so it would be better if you choose someone you’re also comfortable with.
  • Know if they are accredited by your health insurance. To save you some money, try to figure out if you can use your insurance in the services that they provide.
  • Check the location and office hours. The location of their clinic must be accessible to you and not too far away from your residence. In case of an emergency, it’ll be easier for you to visit your dentist. Consider their office hours as well to see if it fits your schedule.

In choosing a dentist, always consider the warning signs and everything that comes with it. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on a clinic with a negative reputation and end up with more problems with your teeth. A good dental professional can alleviate your pain in the mouth and manage symptoms of gum and tooth disease with utmost care. They can also provide solutions for bad breath, impacted wisdom tooth, and issues with the gums without putting a hole in your pocket.

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