Rhinoplasty Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Crooked Nose?

how much does it cost to fix a crooked nose

How much does it cost to fix a crooked nose? If you are into improving your facial features, one of the best ways to do that is to focus on how your nose looks. Why? Because your nose is the center of your face, and any enhancement you make of it will definitely shape and sharpen your looks. This is the very reason why getting a nose job is the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure in the world.

Did you know that rhinoplasty surgery can be used for medical purposes as well? Yes! If you have a facial birth defect, breathing problem, or injury caused by an accident, rhinoplasty may be the answer to that.

So, with both aesthetic and functional benefits that we can get from this nose surgery, how much does it cost to fix a crooked nose? Let us learn about the procedure, the required preparation, and recovery, as well as the risks involved in this procedure so you can justify your rhinoplasty cost.

Rhinoplasty Surgery: Why Do You Need One?

People would say that getting a nose job is such a superficial and extravagant way to look beautiful. During these trying times, many would feel guilty if they consider having rhinoplasty surgery while the world is in crisis. However, if there are people scrutinizing the importance of this nose surgery, those who value their selves and who aim for a massive boost in their self-confidence would think otherwise. For them, you should prioritize the improvement of one’s self. If undergoing a surgical procedure can make you feel good about yourself, then so be it.

Possible reasons for undergoing rhinoplasty:

  • Improvement of the size and shape of the nose
  • Having a crooked nose (by birth or after an accident)
  • Nasal injury
  • Breathing problems

If you have any of these, and your doctor recommends you to have rhinoplasty, read on so you would know more about this functional plastic surgery procedure.

Considerations Before Having Rhinoplasty

Wait until you are 16 to 18 years old

There are people who see flaws in their noses during their puberty stage. Insecurity and self-consciousness gave rise to their desire to have a rhinoplasty. But, doctors will have to postpone any cosmetic surgery until you are fully grown. This is because your body is bound to change its size, alignment, angle, and shape as you mature. So, the flatness and size of your nose you see at 14 may still change when you are already 20.

You can perform medical rhinoplasty right away

Yes, we may have mentioned waiting until you are fully grown before undergoing your rhinoplasty surgery. But that is only if you base your reason on aesthetics. If your nose is causing you to have breathing, sleeping, and difficulties caused by a structural defect, then you may have your nose job as soon as possible.

You have to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon

Many plastic surgeons would claim that they are the best in the business. But you have to make sure that the one you choose is the best for you. How would you know?

rhinoplasty consultation
  • Your doctor listens to your reasons for wanting to have a nose job and helps you curb your expectations of the procedure.
  • The surgeon you chose will not insist on performing the surgery if he knows other non-invasive procedures can give you the same results.
  • He answers all your questions and helps you understand how nose surgery can indeed help your situation.
  • Your plastic surgeon shows you before and after pictures of his previous patients as proof of his successful and reliable services.

There are risks

All surgeries have their fair share of risks and complications. While many misjudge rhinoplasty as minor nose surgery, we must admit that it is the other way around. It may be covering a small portion of the face, but it affects your breathing, so your health condition during surgery is really on the line. And you cannot be safe immediately after the surgery because circumstances like bleeding, infection, scar formation, and the possibility of getting a second operation may still affect and cause breathing problems. You should then make sure that the surgeon you choose for your nose job is reliable and professionally accountable from beginning to end.

Your insurance may not cover it

Although we mentioned rhinoplasty as consideration for correction of a medical condition (cleft lip/palate, deviated septum), this procedure is geared towards cosmetic surgery. We know that insurance would not cover surgical procedures that are not medically necessary. So, unless your doctor deems your rhinoplasty as a medical procedure, make sure that you save up for your nose surgery.

Nose Job Preparation

If you are still wondering how much does it cost to fix a crooked nose, maybe it’s time that you know how complicated and intricate this nose surgery procedure is so you can justify its worth.

Nose Surgery Consultation

Initial meeting

crooked nose nose job consultation

This is the first time you are to meet your doctor. He will evaluate and assess your overall facial profile. He may also request blood tests and other diagnostic imaging to determine if rhinoplasty is really the surgery for you. It does not mean that you will undergo the procedure just because you want to. A reliable and responsible surgeon would only recommend nose surgery if it is really necessary. If he deems that there are other procedures that can better address your concerns, he will not push through with the treatment.


While waiting for the results of your tests, he will do a physical examination and interview regarding your medical history. Having bleeding disorders and scar formation issues (keloid former)  may exempt you from the surgery. He can also recommend performing a combination of two or more surgical procedures, together with your rhinoplasty surgery. This will make your recovery time shorter, and your functional or aesthetic improvement better.


Once your tests and physical examination warrant your rhinoplasty, your surgeon will then present all the important things you need to know before pushing through with the surgery. The process, the things you should do before your scheduled surgery, the foreseen post-surgical effects, the cost, and all things that you need to know before making the decision to push through with your plastic surgery. now is the time for you to ask, ‘how much does it cost to fix a crooked nose?’

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Your rhinoplasty surgeon may opt to perform your nose surgery in a hospital, outpatient surgical clinic, or his own treatment center. The procedure will be on an outpatient basis unless your surgeon sees the need to monitor you for the first 24 hours. Details of the whole process will depend on the expertise and technique of your plastic surgeon. However, here is a peek at how your surgery may generally take place.


The type of anesthesia that your doctor would use still depends on the nature of your nose surgery. If it entails minor aesthetic changes, local anesthesia may be enough. But if the procedure requires other techniques (osteotomy, grafts, or other facial cosmetic surgery), then general anesthesia is used.

Rhinoplasty Technique

There are two main methods of rhinoplasty – the open and closed techniques. Many consider the open approach as traditional since it requires a single cut located externally near the lip. Surgeons recommend this method for advanced enhancement or correction of the nose On the other hand, the closed technique requires all cuts located inside the nose, making no scars post-procedure.  Your doctor will determine which technique is applicable for your condition based on your need and his expertise.

Additional Surgeries

Based on your consultations with your rhinoplasty surgeon, he may recommend that you do other cosmetic or plastic surgeries that may complement your nose job. Your plastic surgeon may combine chin augmentation, septoplasty, or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) with your nose surgery procedure. This is to make your exposure and your recovery timeframe shorter and more productive. This is also the time to ask the question, ‘how much does it cost to fix a crooked nose?.

Post Nasal Surgery and Recovery

You can go back home a few hours after your nose surgery unless you need further monitoring. Your surgeon will give you the following post-op instructions:

how much does it cost to fix a crooked nose reasons
  • Maintain the splint and dressing that was placed on your nose.
  • Lie down on your back. Elevate your head with pillows, and maintain that position without turning sideways to prevent nasal congestion, bleeding, and swelling.
  • Maintain your regular post-op consultations with your surgeon so he can monitor your progress and the integrity of your nose surgery.
  • Ask someone to stay with you for the first week so you can rest and refrain from putting force or pressure on your nose.
  • Have your doctor give you a prescription for your pain and discomfort. Do not take over-the-counter medications unless they are prescribed. This is to ensure that you are not exposed to any OTC drugs that can cause bleeding (aspirin or ibuprofen).
  • Stay away from physical activities that can affect your nose, like playing contact sports, running, or swimming. Be careful in performing your regular routines, like blowing your nose, brushing your teeth, making facial expressions, chewing, and wearing your specs.
  • Remain indoors for the time being, because sun exposure may discolor your nose easily.

Expect that there will be swelling, bleeding, and bruising for the first week, and they may reach your eyes. Do not be too worried as these may subside as time passes. You may be able to see the difference in your nasal size, shape, and angle after 2 to 3 weeks. You can fully appreciate your transformation in a year’s time.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Crooked Nose?

After all the information we shared with you, you may now get the whole picture as to why rhinoplasty surgery is indeed expensive. For you to answer the question, ‘how much does it cost to fix a crooked nose?’ you must first consider these factors:

The extent of your nose surgery

fix a crooked nose-results

Is your crooked nose too visible? Does it cause any breathing problems? The intricacy of your nasal condition dictates how technical your rhinoplasty would be. It would require the expertise of a well-established surgeon, state-of-the-art machines and instruments, and the complexity of the procedure. This will cost you more compared to standard nose surgery.

The doctor’s fee

As we mentioned earlier, many plastic surgeons could claim that they can perform your rhinoplasty surgery better than anyone else. But, we need to advise you to choose a rhinoplasty surgeon to perform your procedure instead of a general cosmetic or plastic surgeon. This medical professional has had several encounters with different rhinoplasty situations and is exposed to several conditions that would warrant rhinoplasty. Of course, their expertise deserves higher compensation.

Your medical insurance

We may have touched on this topic earlier, and your insurance coverage greatly affects your rhinoplasty cost. For your nose surgery to be covered by your insurance, it has to be deemed medically necessary – a solution to a medical condition. Have a discussion with your surgeon about this topic during your initial consultation. Moreover, inquire with your insurance provider if your procedure is to be covered before pushing through with your rhinoplasty. With these major considerations, you can expect that your rhinoplasty cost may range from $6000 to $15,000, and this is just for the basic surgery. It may reach a whopping surgery cost of $20000 if it is not covered by insurance, and your nose job is too complicated.

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